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Associated Photographics
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Professional Photographers serving Denver, Lakewood, Golden and all of Colorado for over 28 years.

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Commercial Photography in Denver may not be as big as New York or California, but we have the same talent and far better prices! Associated Photographics has been in the professional photography business in Colorado since 1989. We started in Aurora, Colorado and then moved to our own building in the Lakewood - Golden area in 1994. Owning our building, and all the computer and printing and framing equipment makes our overhead very low. We can therefore offer our high quality photographic work to our clients for much less than our competitors. Our prices for our quality can not, and will not, be beat.


John Monroe and Glenn Gibson have a combined professional photographer experience of over 63 years. Why not put that experience to work for you? We can provide many, many aspects of the photography - advertising - layout and design - large format printing and more. Below is just a sample of what we can provide for you, our client. Please excuse the literary quality ( it is written for search engines, not english teachers).


Automotive Photography:

      Truck and Car Photography is our specialty. Classic car owners, Antique car owners, and Regular Joe car owners from Denver and around Colorado and beyond all share a love for their cars and/or trucks. Associated Photographics has been shooting cars in studio for over 28 years and we have it down to a science. A standard photo session usually lasts about thirty minutes, and extra shots can be anywhere from fifteen-thirty minutes. These times are for "normal" car shooting, your mileage may vary, but over 80% of our in studio automotive photography fits into this time frame.
      A Standard 5-image photo shot of a classic car would include a Front 3/4 shot (passenger side or drivers side), a Rear 3/4 shot (the opposite side), an Engine Shot, and a shot of the interior of the vehicle. We would then photograph special details of the car, or name badges or car manufacturer logos to add into a corner of the photo (
see samples here). Shooting these 5 images would usually take about 1 1/2 hours of your time, but the photograph will last a lifetime. And the best thing... all this can be yours for only $499 INCLUDING a mounted and framed 24 x 32" photograph! But this is just a starting point. We will photograph any number of angles, details or vehicles, and lay them out in any way you choose. If you have an idea, we will make it a reality.


Commercial Photography:

      As professional commercial photographers in Denver, Associated Photographics, has been serving businesses and corporations in the Lakewood, Golden, Denver Metro area since 1989. Commercial Photography is any type of photography that a company may need to further their business through advertising or internal usages. This can be anything from ID photos, product advertising, business building interiors and exteriors, trade show displays, point of sale displays, groups, annual reports, insurance issues and much more. From small businesses and start ups, to the largest multi-million dollar corporation, Associated Photographics can supply the images needed for success in the business. Commercial Photography in Denver? Yes, it's the new New York.


Product Photography:

      Need a Product Photographer in Denver or anywhere else in Colorado? Give Associated Photographics a call and get your Product photographed quickly and very affordably. Product Photographers photograph products. That is lesson one. If you have a product, Associated Photographics can professionally photograph it in it's best light. From the smallest electrical part, to the largest contraption, nothing is too small or too large. Product Photography is sometimes referred to as Table Top photography. Although we do have tables over 5x9', your product doesn't have to fit on a table.

      Our 40' x 40' studio has a 10' high by 16' Wide garage door for easy move-in of your products. Advertising sells products much better with a quality photo. Why spend all that time and money producing a product and then not showing it off in your advertising? Or worse, having poor quality photographs of your product. Nothing says "Shoddy Workmanship" of a product more than seeing a photo of it on a kitchen table with a wrinkled sheet behind it. We have been shooting products for our clients for over 28 years and we can shoot from simple web site photos to the most elaborate signature advertising piece.


Event Photography:

      Where should you look for Professional Event Photography in denver? Right here! Event Photography is more than just snapshots of the goings on. Associated Photographics specializes in Car Shows and Business outings, and Holiday type banquets and events. We can shoot couples in their rarely worn black tie and cocktail dresses, Golf tournament foursomes, individuals as they compete in any number of contests, award presentations, or simply coverage of the event. Our coverage usually includes two professional photographers, to get multiple images of the same event. These are more than snapshots. The president of the company will not be seen in the annual report with his mouth full of undercooked meat and the flower pot on the next table appearing like it is growing out of his head. (Unless that is what is requested.)
      High School Reunion Class Photos can take 6-8 weeks with the Reunion Company's Photographer, and cost over $25. We can shoot class reunion group photos and have the prints available within minutes, and with on site printing of 100+ 8x10s per hour, at fraction of cost of the big reunion companies, saving all related extra shipping costs as well. Faster, Cheaper, Better.... all from Associated Photographics Reunion Photography.
      The best part of having the guys of Associated Photographics shooting the couples and groups at your next event, is that the photos will be printed right there, on site, so the participants can take their photos home with them that evening. This is possible by our On Site Digital Printing capabilities. (see below)


On Site Digital Printing:

      Does your company have a need for On Site Printing in Denver, Golden, Lakewood, or anywhere else in the surrounding area? Whether group shots at corporate meetings, or couples at a company party, or participants in a car show, Associated Photographics can supply the final photographs almost immediately. We do this by the use of three high speed, dye sublimation, digital printers. Each printer can print an 8x10 photograph in about 45 seconds! And these are actual photographs, not cheap inkjet prints that fade or get destroyed by water. Our digital prints have a life expectancy similar to that of old archival prints (50-100 years). And the quality of these professional prints is far greater than any inkjet printer on the market.
      The prints can have any overlay imaginable. Company names and logos are just the start. It can look like a magazine cover, or fancy frame, or anything you can think of. What started out as polaroid shots of kids on Santa's lap has turned into quality professional images of any on site activity. Have Associated Photographics at your next event and let everyone go home with a cherished, personal keepsake of the wonderful time they had at your gathering.


Corporate Photography:

      Corporate Photography can be anything from employee photographs to complete annual reports. Corporations have need for professional photography in advertising, HR, business architectural, legal, PR and so much more. Our photographers are professionals, not just in producing the final photographic product, but also in the way they deal with the clients. Associated Photographics itself may not be considered "corporate America," but we do know that time is money, and friendly, courteous behavior is key to any business.


Architectural Photography:

      Architectural Photography in Denver, Golden, Lakewood Area and beyond. Interiors, exteriors, business complexes or model train stations, Architectural photography is making your building look its best. Realtors, interior designers, building owners, and multitudes of other people and businesses have a need for professional architectural photography. We cover all needs from simple interiors just to show a bedroom for a rental property, to elaborate setups of corporate lobby complete with people bustling about. Everyone's needs differ, so our professional photographers are adept at dialing the complexity up or down to meet any need. Interiors can take as little as fifteen minutes with surprising quality, or as much as hours, depending on the complexity of the situation. We can fit any budget.
      Our standard interiors (if there is such a thing) usually consist of a mixture of natural and artificial lighting. If the architect or designer spent a lot of time and effort on the lighting in a room, it only seems appropriate to show off that lighting and not overpower it. Exterior lighting is also carefully planed, and photographing it at the best time of day can be the difference between a snapshot and a quality, professional photograph. Landscaping on the outside and subtle accessories on the inside also set apart a simple photo from a professional photograph. Realtors know that to sell a quality property, quality photographs are needed. and most realize that they are professional realtors, not professional photographers, and that a professional photograph will attract much more attention and therefore, the highest prices for their property.


Advertising Layout and Design:

      Layout and Advertising Design in Denver can be intimidating. Not to take anything away from big Advertising firms, but sometimes a start up company can't afford a complete advertising staff, or large Design company. That's where we come in. Both Glenn and John are schooled in design and layout, and with many, many years of designing and laying out text and images for advertising and brochures for our clients, we have the knowledge and talent to make your advertising piece attractive and effective. From Point of sale flyers, to double sided tri fold mailers, we can increase your pieces' effectiveness and overall look to better address your target audience. Quality design and layout for your needs without the huge advertising design shop pricing or commitments.


Large Format Digital Printing:

       Our three Large Format printers can print up to 24" wide and 100 feet long. Larger images can be pieced together with seems, or we can out source to a friend of ours with a 44" wide printer. Either way you get high quality printing for only about $6/sq foot or less. All of our printers are calibrated and ready for fine color controlled printing. Whether it is our own photography work for clients to hang on their home walls, or large sales pieces for commercial display, or trade show advertising, you will get the best images for your money at Associated Photographics.
      We also print for the general public. If you have a beautiful scene from your last vacation, or a photo of the kids, or anything else you would like a large photo of, send the high resolution image to us and we will print the enlargement for you, usually the same day, and with much more attention to detail and individual needs than any big box or department store photo lab ever could. Large format printing in Denver is found at Associated Photographics.


Dye Sublimation Fabric Printing:

      Where do you go to get fabric printing in Denver? How about Associated Photo? We deal with dye sublimation fabric printing, not cheap iron-ons. Our system actually dyes the design or photograph into the man made fabric. There is no raised edge or other feel. it's dyed fabric, so it feels the same. Shirts, banners, flags, fabric for sewing into bags or other custom pieces, or any other man made fabric item you can think of. Sizes and types of fabrics vary greatly, so give us a call and we can work with you to get your favorite image onto your new favorite shirt or other fabric product.


Mounting, Laminating, and Framing:

       Photographing and printing is just the start. There is no need to look elsewhere for your mounting, laminating and/or framing in the Denver Metro area. We can laminate and mount up to 26" wide and 250 feet long. Protect your prints or menus, or other documents with quality, clear or matte laminate. We mount on 3/16" foamboard in White and black as a standard, but other substrates are available. Just ask the helpful guys at Associated Photo, and we will help you get your job done right, right now, and for the right price.


So, as you can see, we can help out with everything from concept to final, printed advertising piece, or just a simple web site photograph of a single widget. Whatever your photographic needs, Associated Photographics is here and ready to be your photographic company of choice.


If you have questions, comments or suggestions, Please Contact Us